A technology for all

Have you heard about “the mother of all inventions”? Here is the mother of all public ledger technologies. It is time to think virtual and beyond as a convenient way of smart living. Do not wait for the tech biggies to pack the item for you, either the cost may distract you or the waiting time.  Beat both the blues with our blockchain technology services.

The first service is absolutely free for all our initial customers for the introductory period of each of our products. What are our products? How do you reach us? What is the procedure and where do you need us?

Here are the answers.

A technology for all

Give your business the cutting edge technology of the futuristic generation. Blockchain will soon be everywhere and why don’t you become the path-showing leader? When Crypto Code bewertung headed the automatic cryptocurrency trading, it brought about a revolution that is still continuing its mass idolization. The following are the first set of products from our digital kitty:

Hybrid Mining software for bitcoins and altcoins: The mining software has been our flagship product when our parent company started two years ago. The overwhelming recognition of the fool-proof software has led us to explore more into the field and the results are separate dedicated platforms for releasing new bitcoins and alternate coins, with extra added features of power saving mode, auto-detection of new blocks, versatile interface, overlocking and pool mining options.

Exclusive double-duty ledger for account maintenance: As a commercial firm, you may have multiple active bank accounts with daily transactions, cash flows and accounting. When the company has appreciable employee strength, then the processes call for additional manpower, expertise and time consumption. All these and more can be effectively undertaken by this interactive blockchain database.

Trade execution algorithm for commerce: In the fast-moving world, it is unlikely that your business has customers from one location, or a single sharing platform. Individually reaching out to all prospective customers, delivering the documents, preparing paper-works, managing logistics and supply chain management and long-distance invoice clearance etc can be cumbersome if you do not have a dedicated and expensive section. Our algorithm makes all these operations channeled and adept.

Clearance ledger: Too many loans, pending applications, manual reconciliation efforts and bill clearance cannot remain as speed breakers in the growth of your business or banking operation with this product.

Front-end/back-end support system: The system has a universal application and can serve any function from reception, research and production to director board management.

Which is your first pick now? Decide fast for the introductory offer is awaiting your nod.