Thermage is nothing new to South Florida cosmetic surgeons

Just one mention from talk show icon Oprah Winfrey and a trend is launched or a product is catapulted into six-figure sales revenues.
She has boosted the careers of little known authors in her book club, to fat busting diets and breakthrough beauty revelations. But it seems even the queen of daytime talk isn’t always the first to let the cat out of the bag.
Winfrey dedicated a show last week touting an alternative to the facelift, but it’s a beauty secret South County doctors say they’ve been using the past six weeks.
“Never Too Late to Look Great” was theme of the show, which featured the future of facelifts in a new treatment called Thermage Therm-a-lift- the new and only “no-surgery”, wrinkle-fighting method that is FDA approved to tighten loose skin.
South Florida cosmetic surgeons are touting it as the newest, trendiest clock-stopper. And after Oprah’s show thrust it even further into the limelight, doctors believe patients will be knocking down their doors waiting to get the new treatment.
And since there’s no recovery time, swelling, discoloration or bruises, the hour-long outpatient procedure makes it even more alluring.
“Patients are ecstatic,” said Dr. Bruce Myers, Chief Eye and Cosmetic Surgeon at Focus Surgical in Boca Raton. “Men and women who were apprehensive about major surgery can’t believe that we’re now able to tighten saggy skin and take years off of their appearance with a hand-held machine and paper grid.”
However, the treatment isn’t for the impatient patient, says Myers, since results appear gradually between one to four months.
As we age, the collagen fibers and fat tissue in our face begin to loosen, creating a saggy appearance. The traditional way to tighten saggy skin is to pull it back with a face-lift. ThermaLift bypasses the knife by using radio frequency to stimulate and shrink collagen, tricking the skin to tighten up. When this electrical current hits the skin, it creates heat. To avoid burning, the machine also has a cooling mechanism that protects the surface while allowing the heat to travel deep into the skin.

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Before the treatment begins, a topical numbing cream is applied. A paper grid with tiny 1 cm by 1 cm squares is then dampened and placed over the face. Next, the surgeon guides the hand held device across the “face map,” zapping a six-second pulse to each section.
“I literally had ThermaLift on my lunch break,” said Nina Solomon, a 31-year-old Delray Beach job recruiter who wanted to nip the beginning stages of wrinkles in the bud. “I felt I was too young for a traditional face lift- but wanted to do something. It’s been six weeks- and I can see my forehead and crows feet have started smoothing away.”
Stacey, who asked that we not print her real name, is a 48-year-old Boca Raton veterinarian who also wanted to turn back time without major surgery. Like Stacey- 50% of baby boomers are unhappy that they’re aging, and one in five admits to actively resisting it, according to an AARP survey.
“I’d been wanting to do something, and Thermage costs so much less than a traditional facelift and there are no side effects, so I figured what did I have to lose,” said Stacey. “I saw my face was starting to get tighter after only three weeks.”
And it’s not just women who are lifting their spirits with ThermaLift.
“Cosmetic surgery in general has becoming less taboo and more common for men, and this is so simple,” said Dr. Myers. “We’re getting lots of male patients now because they can go right back to work- there is absolutely no downtime, no swelling, and the results are gradual, slow and natural.”
And ThermaLift’s magic might not stop at facelifts. It is in trials and awaiting FDA approval for the treatment of chronic acne, cellulite and to help firm and smooth aging hands.