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Make sure the wine complements your restaurant meal Don’t be afraid to reject offerings that are tainted or ‘cooked’

Published Friday, October, 4, 2002
by Sara and Monty Preiser

Reviewers’ note: It is rare for one food or wine writer to expressly disagree with another in print, but we were so unimpressed with the Sept. 22, 2002, Palm Beach Post reprint of a Wall Street Journal article on “Wine Country,” that we have to comment.

Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher, with whom we often disagree, frequently write the Journal’s wine articles. However, as a rule, we respect the differences in the tastes of people, and so we say nothing. But this widely circulated wine country article, on the other hand, begs for a rebuttal. It is not only off base, but also in a different ballpark from an accurate analysis of certain wineries. To say, as the team does, that Freemark Abbey, Carneros Creek, Geyser Peak, Clos Pegas and Dry Creek are classified as the “Best Wineries in Napa and Sonoma” is simply ludicrous. While some of these wineries do in fact make some good products, we doubt any other wine writer believes they rank in the upper echelon, and we say that there are few, if any, wines made by these wineries that have received scores of 90 or above from any recognized rating entity. Facts are facts.

Wine Etiquette

Few people choose to dine at a restaurant that serves food they don’t like. Fewer still will order food without having some understanding of what they will be served.
And even fewer would accept a dish presented to them if it was not cooked properly, or was spoiled in some manner. To the above, we can all agree, can we not?
That is why we are so often amazed that those who profess to enjoy fine dining, or aspire to learn about it, may be found frequenting establishments that have poor wine lists and/or wine knowledge, choosing wines without any logical basis, and/or accepting a wine even if it is not as it was made to be.
We thought we would discuss how to best enjoy your wine experience in a restaurant, and at the same time, give you information that will make it more comfortable for you to deal with a restaurant – whether its staff is knowledgeable about wine or not.
Let us first take note of the obvious – this is a wine column. Thus, we assume our readers would prefer the option of enjoying a good wine with their meal.
In the same vein, we feel restaurants have an obligation to provide reasonable selections. Unfortunately, while there are an increasing number of restaurants with good wine lists, far too many spend very little time in creating an inventory of any distinction whatsoever.

Bringing your own

We recommend the diner seek out those restaurants with a good list and patronize them. Consult “The Wine Spectator,” use our dining and wine columns, call a restaurant for a fax of its wine list or talk to friends. But check out what the restaurant offers.
After some research, if you don’t like what the establishment where you want to dine offers, call and see if you can bring a bottle of your choosing for a reasonable corkage charge (between $10 and $20). In our area, almost all restaurants of note permit this. If we find one that does not, or charges more than $20, we simply don’t go because management does not understand the industry. It is people who care about wine that they should hope dine at their establishment, and if the restaurant cannot please them in this regard, then the establishment should let them please themselves.
A final two words on taking your own wine. If the restaurant in fact has a nice list and you still bring a special wine of your own, it is extremely bad form to bring one carried by the restaurant. Also, if you have more than two people and the list is reasonable, it is nice to buy one from the restaurant as well.
How can you best ensure you will choose a good bottle if you order at the restaurant? If you have your own ideas of what you want, require that your server show you the year and any other designations (i.e., vineyard) if this information is not on the wine list, no matter how long it takes and no matter how many bottles you have to see. This information should be included on lists, especially when they can easily be printed daily.
After ordering, be sure to check that the wine is exactly what you requested (same year and proper vineyard or appellations) before the bottle is opened. Many errors occur here because a restaurant or its servers may not know wine quality is vastly affected by the year in which, and the place where, the grapes are grown.

Matter of taste

After you taste the wine, if it tastes tainted (about 1 in 15 corks nowadays allow bacteria to seep into the wine) or “cooked” (when a wine is not stored or transported properly, allowing it to become too hot and, thus, taste affected), be sure to call it to the attention of whoever knows the most about wines in the restaurant (you may have to ask).
If you are sure there is a problem, stand your ground and refuse to accept the wine. If you aren’t sure, you may have to accede to the judgment of the restaurant’s expert. By the way, it is not snobbish to smell a cork. If it’s dank or otherwise bad, you needn’t bother to taste.
Once you have the wine you requested, don’t let the server over pour your glass. Some restaurants do this as policy so that you will drink faster and will have to order another bottle to accompany the end of your meal. Most often, there is no unethical purpose, and the uninformed and untrained simply think a glass should be filled.
Take charge and instruct your server how to do it properly if necessary. You don’t want more than a half-full glass so you can swirl and open the wine to the air.
Be sure you drink your wine at the right temperature (see earlier column).
Most importantly, you have to believe wine is like any other product you buy. If it isn’t right, you want it fixed. Forget the so-called “snob” label. You won’t eat a steak that isn’t fresh, and you shouldn’t drink a wine in the same condition. Be steadfast. You’ll enjoy it more.

‘Bad Boys 2’ filming keeps A1A closed Delray Beach section of beachside road most likely will be opened at midnight tonight

Filming of the big-budget action flick “Bad Boys 2” will continue today in Delray Beach, to the displeasure of some residents living near the South Ocean Boulevard mansion where the movie is being filmed.
Producers of the sequel to the 1995 blockbuster movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence originally planned to wrap up filming Wednesday and then resume again Sept. 26 and 27.
But Delray Beach police said that State Road A1A from Linton Boulevard north to Casuarina Road near the Seagate Hotel would remain closed today and likely reopen at midnight.
“Things can change,” said Lt. Geoff Williams of the police department. “We’re not expecting it to be closed Friday, but if it is we’re ready for it.”
The movie’s publicist, Gabriela Gutentag, said it is almost certain the road will be opened to traffic Friday.
“Things happen when you do a shoot. Sometimes you get ahead and sometimes you fall behind,” said Gutentag, adding that the filming in Delray has gone smoothly in comparison to several mishaps in Miami Beach. The only difficulty cast and crew has faced, she said, has been reporters from the National Enquirer and Star magazine snooping around.
“It’s been great,” she said. “We’ve been lucky with the weather. Delray is such a beautiful area. We love it here.”
Today will mark the fifth day the stretch of road has been closed to through-traffic. Residents, their guests and those conducting business in the area were issued passes to enter the tightly guarded production zone – which has required the security efforts of 12 Delray Beach police officer augmented by private security guards. Coast Guard officers, meanwhile, are patrolling the shore.
Columbia Pictures will pay more than $30,000 for the police officers’ 1,000 hours of overtime.
Although cast and crew have apparently enjoyed their time in Delray since arriving in early August, city officials say they have heard a few complaints from neighboring residents of the unfinished 35,000-square-foot house at 1105 S. Ocean Blvd. In the film’s script, the $16 million home – formerly owned by Coca-Cola heir Michael Bird – gets blown apart, although most of the pyrotechnic effects will be added via computer after filming is finished.
But some neighboring residents haven’t been pleased with the way things were handled.
“We didn’t get ample notification,” said Ken Russell, who lives behind the Seagate Hotel.
Russell on Tuesday questioned commissioners on how the city would benefit from the movie.
Palm Beach County Film Commissioner Chuck Elderd and city officials have said the more than 300 crewmembers staying in local hotels, eating at local restaurants and spending at local shops will generate large revenues for Delray Beach.
City Commissioner Jeff Perlman said he has received a few calls from people complaining about being inconvenienced and wanting tickets to the July 2003 premiere of the film.
“’What’s in it for me? I’m not getting paid,’” said Perlman, recounting the complaint of one caller. “They want autographed pictures of the stars.”
“It’s an inconvenience, no question,” he added. “We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but this is something that is good for the whole community.”
Earlier this year, the three new owners of the more-than-two-acres of beachfront land had expressed an interest in having the mansion blown up during a movie production to help clear the land to make way for three new residences. They placed an ad in the entertainment journal Variety, which helped draw attention to the home.
The house is serving as the home of the villain, played by Jordi Molla, in the film. Crews spent more than a month constructing additions to the home using “breakaway” wood and glass that will be destroyed using pyrotechnics during production of the movie.
The mansion will be flattened later to make way for three smaller homes.


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