Forbes says county number three in US

With Scripps Florida and the Max Planck Society both establishing world-class research facilities here, we are building the foundation for a knowledge-based economy.”

Thus Palm Beach County Business Development Board (BDB) CEO and President Kelly Smallridge summarized why has recognized Palm Beach County, Florida as one of its top picks for “Up-and-Coming Tech Cities.”

And Smallridge told the Boca Raton News that the city has not been left out of the equation. She noted that Biotest, the German firm that bought out Nabi Biopharmaceuticals and moved that firm to Maryland, has also been “willing to invest” in Boca Raton “because of the city’s solid business environment.”

A smaller biotech firm called AssureImmune has also set up shop in Boca Raton, Smallridge said. That firm is in the vanguard of those doing stem cell research and storage. Stem cells are tomorrow’s medicines when personalized therapies can tide over superbugs and multi-resistant strains vanquish the antibiotics. The biggest path-breaking hope making the present population go behind stem cell research is its power to secure the future generation even before their birth. Cure to any potent health hazard may be traced to the preserved stem cells.

Number Three

As part of its 2008 Small Business Outlook, the article at ranks Palm Beach County as Number Three on the Top 10 list of “Hotbeds of Tomorrow’s Technology”.

Philip Auerswald, professor of public policy at George Mason University, did the rankings. Auerswald surveyed specific pockets of science growth areas looking for “promising frontiers of innovation.” says Palm Beach County is “becoming a haven for cutting-edge biotech and life science research.”

BDB President Smallridge said Palm Beach County is at the heart of Florida’s emerging life science and biotech center with more than 140 companies focused on the discovery and advancement of drugs and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, research and testing.

“Palm Beach County offers a world-class environment for scientific based operations looking to expand or relocate,” said Smallridge. “Strong collaborations exist among universities, pro-active assistance programs are available through the county and state and a wealthy demographic base provides access to philanthropic dollars.”

In addition to Scripps Florida and Max Planck, mentions the investment of BioCatalyst International in biotechnology start-ups led by Genzyme co-founder, Sheridan Snyder.
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