What is our new offering in the fresh move?

Technology stays true to its purpose when it is malleable enough to keep on transforming its form, remaining competitive with the changing application appetite of the users and the expected footprint. Blockchain technology has entered the likes of creators of modern routine applications and we are no lesser ones working in the same arena. We are indeed ahead of time, but not overthrowing our advanced expertise. We have imparted flexibility and professionalism into this ever-evolving protocol, with step-by-step assistance to our new-age customers throughout the functioning time.


What is our new offering in the fresh move?

How do you interact with your clients from an off-site location? How do you manage your multinational corporation? How do you integrate all the team members into a cohesive working unit to deliver a single combined product? Connectivity tools may be the answer and to be more precise in the current context, is the cloud technology.

Now, imagine the consequence of integrating cloud technology into the supreme blockchain protocol. With this new development, the digital ledger becomes powerful to run and manage a long list of business operations. It is now practical to upgrade a new functional feature, such as a crypto robot version, that you come across in a helpful site to our new product. To start with, there are two modes in which you can setup the blockchain ledger database: Open blockchains and Permissioned blockchains.

Open blockchains give second-level network access to the data records in all the new blocks entered or to be entered into the operation ledger to all the management members in the network.  It is decentralized, secured from the cyber eyes with three-tier cryptographic protection and also transparent within your business operations. With the introduction of the cloud-based platform, the employers, as well as your clients, can get real-time access to design, modify and verify the chain in each step of the company service, whether it is back-office documentation, drug exports, online invoice or logistics.

Add the extra level of security with the permissioned blockchain. Do you want to exercise more control on your digital database? Restrict the access of your cryptographic data to those selected nodes by switching on their authority for verification and task execution. In this way, you can allow a single action to be performed on the block at a time by a selected user of your choice. The protocol, however. does not compromise on any advantages of a decentralized digital system. Look for more regarding the new kid in our soon-to-released product brochures.