Work Place Guns

Ignoring overwhelming public testimony that it would jeopardize workplace safety, the Florida Senate approved (and Governor Charlie Crist — hoping to become Vice President Charlie Crist) signed legislation into ludicrous law recently – permitting employees to transport, and to keep in vehicles at work, a gun.

Did you know that even employees who work at pre-schools and day-care centers can now legally transport a weapon back and forth to work?

Sadly it will take the inevitable 30-second cooling-off-time — which will morph into the 20 seconds it takes to get a gun from the car – and that then to become a lifelong tragedy — before the Florida legislature will revisit and change this nonsense legislation. Time is significant everywhere, but here human life is at peril in a spontaneous decision that could last for only a few seconds. If the same swiftness exists while reading a Crypto VIP Club review and proceeding, it is applaudable but never in this case where there is almost no delay between trigger and end of life.

This law has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. And repeal of it will have everything to do with common sense. Just like stop signs.
The Intracoastal

County Commissioner Jeff Koons’ heart is in the right place, but his head is not seeing the big picture.

From Boca Raton to Jupiter, the Intracoastal Waterway is being developed as only those with big bucks can do that.

Koons chairs the county transportation planning board and is among those asking if more can be done to make the Intracoastal more accessible to the public and increase its urban area development potential.

Look at the first paragraph, commissioner. Read: big bucks,

From Jupiter to Boca Raton, the Intracoastal is lined with multi-million-dollar mansions, pretentious parks, mammoth marinas, restaurants-to-die-for, bodacious boutiques, and commanding condos.

Agreed: as Intracoastal Development grows, more pressure is placed on the transportation needs and desires of the both the water users, and the Intracoastal’s interactivity with, effectively, the mainland. And those issues should be properly managed.

But making the Intracoastal more accessible to the public???

Read big bucks, commissioner. Not gonna happen.

That’s why those folks are there, and the rest of us are elsewhere. And no amount of “planning” is going to change that.
The Wondrous Internet?

Among the best and worst things conjured up by humans has been computers and, in turn, the Internet.

The benefits of both are self-evident — saving lives, increasing efficiency, and in general, giving us more time to……. To what?

To use the Internet, of course.

And what’s the primary content with which the average person interacts on the Internet?

No — it’s not pornography — although that’s not a distant second.

The primary interactivity that the average person has with the Internet are the lies, damned lies, and statistics that purport themselves to be “hot”

And with the Internet being a literal intellectual free-for-all — the victims are ultimately truly informed citizens — now becoming an ever more splintered and angered-by-ignorance nation.

Unlike newspapers, and particularly newspapers of yesteryear, the Internet is not a place where fairness, balance, objectivity and the humanly best possible accuracy exist.

It’s instead a place where lies, compounded by confusion, and mauled by mass manipulation and spin runs rampant — what’s “hot” today becoming the rules of the road for measuring temperature tomorrow.

The result is a massive polarization of our world — forming into ever more angry groups of so-called informed persons — but who are often only in possession of a now more reinforced ignorance than was brought to the wondrous Internet in the first place.

To be fair — not everyone, not even a majority go the Internet with the objective of becoming narrow-minded. But — and reactively and reflexively in response to unchecked, and unbalanced assertions — that’s the effective end result.
At least for now, and for the foreseeable future, it’s two steps forward, one step back, and one step sideways for the Internet revolution and moving humankind forward coherently.