Diverging trends of market liquidity

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Diverging trends of market liquidity


As per the metrics and feedback taken from a variety of market participants, the market liquidity has always assured high return levels for most of the sovereign bond markets before the global financial crisis had occurred.


Even though there existed the hints of elevated liquidity bifurcation and fragility, the market activity was fully concentrated in the liquid instruments and showed declination in the less liquid ones including the corporate bonds. These indicators viewed the clear pathway in the trending market making supply and demand and has its own share in teaching the market participants how to limit the trading costs and their impact on market liquidity.


  • A reduced interest of dealers’ risk-taking willingness or parameter: This has been noticed as a current situation where the MMs changed their area of focus on those activities that require less capital investment and balance sheet capacity. Along with this developmental phase, the many banks in the related area has increased allocating less capital to their MM activities and thereby reduced their inventories by cutting back on their holdings of less liquid assets.


  • A concentrated focus on core markets and their increasing diversity features: It has become a general fact that the MMs has become more selective in their approach to offering the client services like they have started focusing on core people, order-driven and brokerage mode in contrast to others who are narrowing down their services and has shifted their focus on a smaller range of markets. This resulted in the execution of large trades which requires a larger time.


  • Banks have reduced the applicability of proprietary trading: This trading has initiated a process to shorten the marginal importance for banks. They have kept many regulated entities and other reforms targeting these activities. This indeed has a contradiction with the trends in individual regional sectors all over the world that has been less affected by the recent financial crisis.


  • Growing need for immediacy services: The primary bond market expansion has set significant fund flow to market traders that requires service points to increase demand for market making. In addition to this, there are also hints of greater concentration among market participants that demand immediacy services as a result of which the market liquidity become more dependent on portfolio allocation decisions.


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