What’s better for you: Bitcoins or fiat currency?

Most of the people who are wondering why others have started adopted bitcoins are wondering just one simple question- why should we start using bitcoins instead of simple dollars or pounds? Well, here we have an elaborated guide on why bitcoins lead in comparison to dollars today as well as in the future.

To start with,

  • If you use a bitcoin, you have complete control over it as you are not having it depositied in any bank unlike other currencies. When your dollars or pounds are placed in the banks, the organisation uses them according to their rules and needs. Whereas in case of bitcoins, you do not have to let anyone else use your asset without having permission from you. It is high time for us to accept now that there are more options than submitting our money in the banks for them to grow.


  • The appreciation happening in Bitcoins is way more than dollars. In addition to this, one of the most exciting facts about bitcoins is that inflation has no impact on it. This deflationary currency is available in the market for a set amount of circulation only. This is the reason the value of each bitcoin increases frequently as there is more purchases.


  • The transactions carried out via bitcoins are way more convenient and quick as compared to the ones done through currencies. Transferring just a few hundreds of dollars might need some of your clarification to the bank but sending a bitcoin worth millions of dollars would have no interference of any system whatsoever. You have complete right on it and you are independent to transfer them from one wallet to another according to your choice and needs. Withdrawal of cash from your bank accounts would also be a deal. However, withdrawing your bitcoin or may be travelling with it would be as convenient as anything else.


  • Your bitcoin is way more secure as compared to your dollars in the market. Your currency might get exhausted by the bank or during loan-offering programs and ultimately make you wait to gain your own hard earned money from the bank when in need. Whereas in case of bitcoins, all you need to have is a secure online or offline wallet. Maintain the cureity of the wallet you use and also keep backup of your transaction history in an external hard drive in case of emergencies.


To know why you must try your luck with bitcoins, discover more here and grab one for yourself as soon as you can before they are all exhausted amongst the buyers.